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PeaceTech Hackathon 2024

Building a more peaceful and secure world


A unique hackathon addressing global challenges for peace

  • Transform the World with Your Ideas: This hackathon isn't just for EPFL students; it's a call to thinkers and makers from all disciplines and backgrounds. Whether you're from the natural sciences and technology, the social and political sciences, or anywhere in between, your unique perspective is crucial in crafting groundbreaking proposals to prevent violence and foster peace. Dive into a 48-hour event where your creativity becomes the catalyst for peace!
  • Collaborate Across Disciplines: Imagine a place where engineers mingle with sociologists, where professors brainstorm with diplomats. Here, multidisciplinary teams bridge the gap between theory and action, guided by challenges set by frontline organizations.
  • Grow, Network, Innovate: Beyond a competition, this is about cooperation, a rare chance to expand your skillset, meet leaders, and make meaningful connections. Whether you're coding the next app for conflict resolution or designing a campaign for social change, you're in the right place to make a difference.
  • Make Your Mark: Join us. Together, let's build a more peaceful and secure world through innovation. Your journey from idea to impact starts here.  

You can pre-register by clicking on the following link:


4 critical topics for peace

During the hackathon, we will tackle real-world challenges presented by frontline organizations, focusing on the thematic areas listed below. Stay tuned, as the list of challenges will be released soon!


What is PeaceTech?

PeaceTech is the use of science and technology to prevent, reduce, or resolve violence and conflict, and to promote peace; emphasizing the need to avoid dual use of technology, where technologies can be used for harmful ends instead than for peaceful purposes. It encompasses research, development and application of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math to support strategies against violence.

Violence is considered not only in terms of war and armed conflict, but also violence striking civil society by any means – hate speech, cyberbullying, online mis- and disinformation, gender-based violence, and against minority groups.

Why a PeaceTech hackathon?

  • Act Now for Peace: In a world troubled by conflict, we urgently need new, actionable solutions. Hackathons are intense, fun events where people come together for 24 to 48 hours to address critical issues. They're all about teamwork, innovation, and making a real difference.
  • Everyone's Invited: This isn't just for techies. Whether you're studying, teaching, or working in any field, your ideas are needed. We're bringing together students, professors, NGOs, International Organizations, experts, and leaders from all sectors to think big and create together.
  • Our Goal: We want to make the world safer and more peaceful. This hackathon is our way of finding creative solutions to huge challenges. We aim for actionable outcomes that will not only inspire but also initiate concrete projects in collaboration with the EPFL, turning ideas into tangible impacts.
  • Join the Movement: Be part of something exciting and meaningful. Let's use our skills to create a better future, together. Your participation could be the catalyst for a project that makes a real-world difference.  


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