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PeaceTech: How can science and technology contribute to reconstruction in the 21st century?

Explore solutions through examples from Ukraine, Afghanistan and Yemen. Exclusive workshop at EPFL’s Bois Chamblard Estate.

The landscape and the nature of violent conflicts are evolving rapidly. The impact of conflicts around the world – as we see from the examples of Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yemen and many more – is devastating for local populations and reverberates far beyond the borders of the conflict zones with global consequences for people and the environment. Reconstruction and building conditions for peace requires a unified effort from many actors in numerous peace promoting fields.

Given the significant role of advanced technologies in conflict, and given the potential of technologies to be leveraged for peace, the emerging field of PeaceTech has much to contribute.

The EPFL EssentialTech Centre is pleased to host this half-day live workshop with experts from the Swiss Mission to the UN, the FDFA, UNIDIR, the Geneva Graduate Institute and specialists from Ukraine, among others. Together we will explore where science and technology can be harnessed to promote peace through PeaceTech. 

We will look specifically at the following themes:

  • Disarmament, weapon contamination and mine action
  • Energy Security and Environmental Safety
  • Reconstruction and Sustainability
  •  Digitalization: Cyber-security, Data protection
  • Miscellaneous: any crucial areas not covered by the previously listed priorities, should any be identified by the pool of experts
  • Way forward and next steps

Targeted outcomes: 

1.     A common language between the actors from the above-mentioned areas

2.     A better understanding of priorities and needs regarding these areas when it comes to technology 

3.     A better sense of the challenges ahead in the short-, mid- and long-term 

4.     A vision on how science and technology could contribute to Peace Promotion 

5.     An indication of key organizations and stakeholders

This initiative is run by the PeaceTech Division of the EPFL EssentialTech Centre.  It is aligned with the Centre’s mission to harness science and technology to drive sustainable development, humanitarian action and peace.

The event will be held at EPFL’s exceptional Bois Chamblard Estate, nestled in a 60,000m2 preserve of nature on the shore of Lake Geneva. It is located in the bucolic village of Buchillon, halfway between Lausanne and Geneva. A welcome coffee and a standing lunch will be served.

We hope you will be able to join us for this stimulating day. Your expertise is needed to help shape this important initiative in PeaceTech!

Please fill out the form below to confirm your place on our guest list. For any questions, please contact us at 

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