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Join forces with us to have an impact on tech innovation and capacity building in the areas of sustainable development, humanitarian action and peace promotion!

Our donors are our highly valued partners. Their support is indispensable: without them, these innovative concepts would not become real-world solutions to human needs. 

  • Donations of core funds enable the Centre to operate on a day to day basis, foster partnerships, and design, develop and deliver new solution. Supporting us through non-earmarked core funding is the best way to ensure efficient, effective allocation of funds as we put your contribution where it is most needed.
  • Technology and innovation projects are supported through philanthropic donations and grants throughout the pre-transfer period
  • When a technology is ready for transfer to the private sector, there may be opportunity for investment

Whether you are a philanthropic foundation or a private sector company interested in improving lives and our environment through your Corporate Social Responsibility program, we look forward to meeting and working with you as a strategic partner. Contact us to know more on how you can contribute to our work.

As part of a Federal Institute, EPFL EssentialTech Centre benefits from a charitable, non-profit status meaning that, in most cases, donations are tax deductible.

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