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Peace promotion

EssentialTech’s role in peace promotion focuses on the field of PeaceTech, a relatively new concep, that aims to, on the one hand, prevent technology from being an enabler – intentionally or otherwise – of violence and conflict and, on the other, leverage technology as a driver of global security and peace.

There are numerous paths to use STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills and knowledge to promote peace. Examples include:

  • Using technology for safe, neutral video communication solutions for peace mediators
  • Enabling post-war reconstruction
  • Supporting humanitarian action, for example by improving supply-chain security to get needed goods such as food and medical supplies to refugees
  • Tackling social inequalities that can lead to oppression, for example but leveraging technology to ensure access to food, water and energy
  • Using artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain to monitor, verify and actively counteract online mis(dis)information and polarization

We are currently designing, developing and delivering projects and initiatives at the intersection of technology and peace. In particular, we are investigating potential for reconstruction efforts in Ukraine. Guided by the principles of cooperation, interdisciplinarity and entrepreneurship, we help bridge international cross-sectorial experts and reinforce Switzerland’s role as a leading actor and pioneer in the emerging PeaceTech fields of e-governance, digital diplomacy and digital peace.

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