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Leaving no aspect of sustainability behind: A framework for designing sustainable energy interventions applied to Holl Holl Refugee Camp, Djibouti.
Energy Research and Social Science, Volume 90, August 2022. (IF=6.8)
Author(s): Matthey-Junod, P. Sandwell, S. Makohliso, K. Schönenberger Read on
A user-centric approach towards the design, development, and test of an affordable dynamic prosthetic foot.
PLOS One May 6, 2022, (IF=3.24)
Author(s): Mathieu Falbriard, Grégory Huot, Mathieu Janier, Rajasundar Chandran, Michael Rechsteiner, Véronique Michaud, Joël Cugnoni, John Botsis, Klaus Schönenberger, Kamiar Aminian Read on
Ending neonatal deaths from hypothermia in Sub-Saharan Africa: call for essential technologies tailored to the context.
Frontiers in Public Health, 07 April 2022, (IF=5.99)
Author(s): G. B. Pisoni, C. Gaulis, S. Suter, M. A. Rochat, S. Makohliso, M. Roth-Kleiner, M. Kyokan, R. E. Pfister, and K. Schönenberger Read on
Academic- humanitarian technology partnerships: an unhappy marriage?
Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(11) (2021, March 16)
Author(s): Potter, L., Kalubi, D., & Schönenberger, K. Read on
The status of refrigeration techniques for vaccine storage and transportation in low-income settings
(2020, December 9)
Author(s): Cattin, M., Jonnalagedda, S., Makohliso, S., & Schönenberger, K. Read on
X-ray imaging detector for radiological applications in the harsh environments of low-income countries
(2020, November 10)
Author(s): Mario A. Chavarria, Matthias Huser, Sebastien Blanc, Pascal Monnin, Jérôme Schmid, Christophe Chênes, Lazhari Assassi, Hubert Blanchard, Romain Sahli, Jean-Philippe Thiran, René P. Salathé, Klaus Schönenberger Read on
Oka-Taxi – a social enterprise for emergency transports in Mozambique
Presented at the 6th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, (2020, November 8–12)
Author(s): Hobbins M.A, Joanguete S, Monteiro P, Kruspan B, Van Roy I, Jonnalagedda S
Les villes secondaires, nouveau modele de developpement international
114 Villes Intermediaires. Publisher – Villes en développement (2020 November)
Author(s): Kern, A.L Read on
Medical technology innovation for a sustainable impact in Low- and Middle-Income countries: a holistic approach.
(2020, July 4)
Author(s): Makohliso, S., Klaiber, B., Sahli, R., Tapouh, J. R. M., Amvene, S. N., Stoll, B., & Schönenberger, K. Read on
De ville moyenne à ville intermédiaire : les dynamiques de Jacmel et son positionnement en Haiti
in les Cahiers d’outre-mer 2019/1(279), pages: 267-288
Author(s): Kern, A.L Read on
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