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EPFL’s role in humanitarian aid: an interview with EPFL President Prof.Martin Vetterli

Posted on 2021-03-03

“Humanitarian aid is a key sector in which EPFL can bring tangible skills.” “This collaborative effort is in keeping with the humanitarian tradition of French-speaking Switzerland. EPFL has been carrying out joint projects with the ICRC for several years, and our new initiative with ETH Zurich and the ICRC gives our work added meaning because we know what we do will have a concrete, positive impact on people’s daily lives.” – Martin Vetterli, EPFL President

We spoke with EPFL President Martin Vetterli about the new Engineering Humanitarian Aid initiative – a joint program bringing together EPFL, ETH Zurich and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to put engineering know-how at the service of humanitarian aid.

EPFL has been working with the ICRC for a long time. What’s new about this initiative?

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