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EssentialTech publishes special-edition activity report

Posted on 2023-06-13

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At the culmination of 10 years of existence – and looking ahead to the next 10 – EssentialTech has published a special-edition activity report. It reflects the learnings from the Centre’s year-long “10+10” self-evaluation exercise which began in the Spring of 2022.

Through articles exploring topics in the Centre’s three areas of action – sustainable development, humanitarian action and peace promotion – you will learn how EssentialTech developed its unique methodology to deliver effective innovations for sustainable, scalable impact. You will also discover the Centre’s vision for its second decade, leveraging science and technology to enable systemic social and environmental improvements in more contexts globally.

The report also recognizes all those who are indispensable to the Centre’s success. Along with the in-house team of dedicated researchers, engineers, scientists and social scientists, EssentialTech works with a broad variety of important partners: EPFL labs, leading academic institutions around the world, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, private sector, and funders and donors.

Most of the articles first appeared in the Winter 2022 issue of Dimensions magazine, published quarterly by EPFL. TheEssentialTech Centre is proud to be at the forefront of the university’s efforts to apply leading-edge science to address vulnerability around the world.

We hope you enjoy reading this report and if you are interested in knowing more about EssentialTech or in partnering with us, we would be very pleased to hear from you!

Download the report!

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